Theory Hazit & Toni Shift - Concealed Sorrow (Toni Shift Remix)


Theory Hazit & Toni Shift = Modern Marvels

Friday, 19 February 2010 12:03

I just finished an album with the incredible mc Theory Hazit from PortLand! It has some incredible music with features from Lmno, Wildchild and much more. Go to and buy that cd!







1. The Hurricane feat. DJ Idul
2. Day By Day
3. Modern Marvels feat. Wildchild, Lightheaded and DJ Idull
4. Grow Old
5. Careless Mister feat. DJ Idull
6. Hands In Hi-Fi feat. Aletta and Wonder Brown
7. Marvelust
8. Hanzel & Gretel feat. Lolligag and Juice Lee
9. We Are The Ones feat. DJ Aslan
10. It's So Sweet feat. LMNO
11. Concealed Sorrow
12. You Are feat. MotionPlus and JustMe
13. One for Jerome
14. Late Summer Sun
15. Uncanny


Toni Shift - Skip to my beattape 2

Wednesday, 27 August 2008 18:43

tonishift header

Skip to my beattape 2 consist of 80 minutes full of soul and hiphop. I've got Theory Hazit on the mic and a lot of remixes (see tracklisting). The cover was done by +Form. Don't wait much longer and download this cd for free!!

01| Intro
02| J-Live - Lyricist (rmx)
03| Green grass, shade trees
04| Come up, the sun up
05| Day by day feat. Theory Hazit
06| Loving you
07| Kev Brown - Work in progress (rmx)
08| Frank
09| Keep it right there
10| Loving me
11| El da sensei - Summertimebluez (rmx)
12| Set the mood feat. Aletta
13| I forgive you
14| Wasting my time
15| Feel the movin
16| A tribe called quest - 1nce again (rmx)
17| Where have you been
18| Jam hot
19| This is what I want to be
20| Open my eyes
21| De la soul - Itzsoweezee (rmx)
22| Self consciousness
23| Grow old
24| Edo G. - Situations (rmx)
25| Little Brother - Whatever you say (rmx)


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